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The classroom environment impacts students’ engagement, behavior, communication, and, ultimately, learning. This training will cover the CLASS domains: Emotional Support, Classroom Organization and Instructional Support. As we explain best practices when supporting students with disabilities in the pre-k environment, we will also show you how our recommendations align to the CLASS domains and dimensions. First, participants will learn the importance of designing the student environment with a variety of support structures including physical arrangement visual supports, and sensory support strategies. Next, participants will self-assess their current class environment. Finally, participants will prepare an action plan to outline next steps for improvement and implementation in the class environment.

The mini-lessons that are referenced in this course include: Data Collection, Reinforcement, Task Analysis, Visual Supports, and Working with Paraprofessionals. It’s recommended that you view these lessons before starting each course. You can access all of the mini-lessons by clicking below.

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