Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in this training course. This course is interactive, and you will need to complete all steps and activities before moving to the next lesson. Once you view the video and complete the activity, you should see the  Mark Complete button at the bottom of your screen. If the Mark Complete button is not visible, review the lesson for additional steps or activities that need to be completed. The Mark Complete button will need to be manually clicked following the completion of each video and activity.

If you have completed all of the steps in the lesson, clicked the Mark Complete button for each video and activity, and you are still not able to move to the next lesson or complete the course, please contact

We are in the process of developing additional Pre-K courses to support all educators and young students with disabilities. We may reference the following courses in this training for further information on certain topics, but they are not available on our website just yet. We will provide updates when users will have access to the new courses. These courses include:

  • Building a Communicative Environment
  • Access Equals Success: Targeting Executive Functioning Skills
  • Prevention is Key: Positive Behavior Strategies for ALL Students