Lesson 2.3: Relationships

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Now let’s think about Liam.

• Liam’s support team includes a general educator, special educator, para educator, speech language pathologist, and occupational therapist.
• His general educator struggles with his behaviors during whole group instruction. She will report that he disturbs other students around him and will resist transitions between activities.
• His special educator is a male. Liam does not like working with him and will call him a monster. He will often hide under his desk when he walks into the classroom.

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Take a moment to reflect about presumed competence. How could you revise the language Liam’s general education teacher used to describe his behaviors? In the previous slide, she said that he disturbs other students and resists transitions.

Now think about Liam’s emotional bank and his relationship with the special education teacher. What is one strategy that the special educator could use to build a positive relationship with Liam?