Lesson 2: Building Positive Relationships Video

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As you watch his video, look for how the teacher enjoys participating in game of charades with the students and notice how she shares in the student’s enthusiasm. The teacher and students frequently smile, laugh, and display enthusiasm as they participate in the activity together.​

This video is from the CLASS video library on the LDOE website.

CLASS® is a research-based system of measurements used to evaluate, and improve teacher-child interactions. In Louisiana, all publicly-funded child care, Head Start, and pre-K classrooms receive at least two CLASS® observations a year. These observations are used to calculate Early Childhood Performance Ratings, reported each fall on Site and Network Performance Profiles.

In order to support teachers in Louisiana’s Head Start, pre-K, and child care programs, the Louisiana Department of Education along with the Cecil J. Picard Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has developed a set of videos with quality examples of the domains and dimensions within the Pre-K and Toddler versions of the CLASS® tool. These high-quality examples were filmed in Louisiana classrooms.