Lesson 5.3: Self-Help/Self-Care Functional Skills


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Now before going to the next lesson, assess the individual you work with according to their performance of self-help and self-care skills. Mark a 1 if the skill has not been observed or isn’t mastered. This means that individualized instruction is needed, along with a teaching program on how the skill will be implemented. Mark a 2 if the skill requires intensive support. This means that instruction targeting the skill will be taught and practiced several times a day. Mark a 3 if the skill requires limited support. This means the instruction targeting the skill will be taught or reviewed a few times a week. Mark a 4 if the individual can already complete the skill independently. This means the individual is functioning the same level as his or her peers. Mark NA if the skill does not pertain to the individual because of their age.

This information will be used to help you develop an action plan for the target individual at the end of this course.