2023 Teacher Appreciation

This month, LASARD recognized teachers from all over the state that work to make their classrooms more inclusive everyday. Thank you, teachers! You’re our heroes!

Rosemary Cox in West Baton Rouge Parish

Ms. Cox is a caring teacher in WBRSchools who has the best interest of her students at heart. As an experienced teacher, but in a new role this year, she has worked on understanding and using AAC with students, balancing multiple student support levels, and providing a nurturing environment so her students can thrive. We appreciate you!





Latoya McCoy in Morehouse Parish

Mrs. Latoya McCoy is a teacher at Delta Elementary School in Mer Rouge, LA. She is excited to work with her students, passionate about finding ways to support them with their individual needs, creative and flexible with her instructional support, and ALWAYS looking for more strategies to implement! Great job this year LaToya!!





Nicole Norman in Terrebonne Parish

Nicole Norman is an elementary teacher in Terrebonne Parish School District. Nicole showed up to her first meeting with LASARD Facilitator, Joseph, ready to ask questions and was happy to problem solve around some of the challenges she was experiencing in her classroom. With increased reinforcement and easily accessible visual supports, Nicole quickly saw improvements in student engagement and participation in her class! Way to go, Nicole!




Ben Clark in Bossier Parish

Mr. Ben Clark is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Haughton Middle School in Bossier Parish Schools! Mr. Clark has worked with his LASARD facilitator, Jennifer, to increase active student engagement in his classroom. When you walk into his classroom some of the strategies you might see include: ✨ The Fairness Bucket, Choral Responding, Response Cards, Think-Pair-Share, and the use of Concentric Circles. We love seeing engagement in the classroom! Great job Mr. Clark!!



Shelby Sylvester and Lisa Durocher in Ascension Parish

Ms. Shelby and Ms. Lisa are true superstars in Ascension Parish Schools ! They are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of their students. This year they fully embraced evidence-based practices such as token boards, visual schedules, and 5-point scales which resulted in tremendous growth for their students!





Sherry Nunez in St. Bernard Parish

Ms. Sherry Nunez teaches at Arabi Elementary in St. Bernard Parish Public Schools . She is an amazing teacher who is always ready to learn new strategies to support her students. She is able to understand their needs and help them co-regulate through her calm and loving demeanor. Way to go, Ms. Nunez!





Jerrica Brown in East Baton Rouge Parish

Mrs. Brown is an awesome teacher in East Baton Rouge Parish School System! Mrs. Brown was new to her role this school year, but she worked so hard to make her classroom accessible and engaging for all of her students! She implemented evidence-based practices like visual supports, social narratives, communication supports, and antecedent-based interventions. Mrs. Brown was not afraid to try new things, and she worked hard to make them her own, so that all of her students’ individual needs were met! Way to go, Mrs. Brown!



Kristin Troxler in Concordia Parish

According to LASARD facilitator Amanda, Mrs. Kristin Troxler Randall is coachable, collaborative, and willing to try different strategies with her learners. She is an advocate for her students and her team. Great job this year, Mrs. Kristin!





Janie Clement in Assumption Parish

Janie Schexnayder Clement of Assumption Parish Schools is the dream teacher that every facilitator would love to work with. Not only is she open to trying every single recommendation following a coaching session, she will have the support made within 3 hours after reading her feedback email. Her students are very lucky to have her as their teacher! We appreciate you!





Tina Wilkins, Delphine Phenix, Cathy LaFleaur, and Jenna Rolen in Webster Parish

This is a super teacher team from JL Jones Elementary in Webster Parish Schools! This year this teaching team has done excellent work together to meet the diverse needs of the students in their class. Their LASARD coach, Lisa, reported that the team was open to coaching recommendations. They partnered together to create a positive, engaging classroom environment by incorporating visual supports and visual schedules, choice boards, token cards, and task/activity analysis. Great work this year!



Leslie White in Tangipahoa Parish

Leslie White is a blended Pre-K teacher at Midway Elementary in Tangipahoa Parish Schools where she joined the staff mid-year. LASARD Facilitator, Chris, called Leslie’s classroom “my happy place,” but it was also a happy place for her students. Her nurturing, caring environment is an opportunity for diverse learners to thrive and they do. It was always a treat to see the progress they made between coaching visits. Leslie truly has a teacher’s heart and a warmth that cannot be coached or taught. That warmth is reflected in the faces of all of her students.

Thank you, Leslie for “my happy place” and for giving these students such an amazing start! – Chris

Way to go, Leslie!




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