Lunch + Learn: Collaboration and Scheduling

Welcome to LASARD’s free Lunch + Learn webinar series! Each month, our expert LASARD facilitators or guests will discuss topics like social skills, visual supports, self-regulation tips, communication strategies, and more! These webinars are for educators, families, and anyone else interested. Lunch + Learns happen on the second Friday of each month from 12:00-12:30pm.

Collaboration and Scheduling

Now that we’re weeks into the school year, how is your schedule doing? Have you noticed some gaps or do you need to start fresh? LASARD Facilitator, Joseph Tate, M.Ed. will show you how to create a new schedule that improves collaboration between teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers. You will gain an understanding of the various roles and responsibilities a paraeducator can have, explore collaboration and communication strategies used by school personnel, and then learn about the basics of developing an effective classroom schedule that incorporates all the moving parts of a student’s day to ensure that instructional minutes are met while also allowing time for related services and other activities throughout the day.


Resource: Classroom Choreography

Joseph mentions a “Classroom Choreography” checklist to help you build a schedule that incorporates your needs, your students’ needs, and your paraprofessionals’ needs. Check it out here: Classroom Choreography


Register for October’s Lunch + Learn: Environmental Supports on October 13, 2023

Setting up a classroom environment as a new teacher can be very overwhelming! The ideal classroom should have visual supports that help students navigate their environment, get and stay organized and participate more fully and independently in activities throughout their day – but where do you start? In this webinar we will explore different essential support strategies and share many resources that will benefit every student in your classroom!

Register for LASARD Facilitator Melina Luna’s October Lunch + Learn here.


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