Lunch + Learn: OT Collaboration in the Classroom

Welcome to LASARD’s free Lunch + Learn webinar series! Each month, our expert LASARD facilitators or guests will discuss topics like social skills, visual supports, self-regulation tips, communication strategies, and more! These webinars are for educators, families, and anyone else interested. Lunch + Learns happen on the second Friday of each month from 12:00-12:30pm.


OT Collaboration

LASARD’s very own Occupational Therapist, Lisa Davison, LOTR, will discuss ways that OTs and classroom staff can collaborate and discuss the benefits of movement breaks in the classroom!




Lisa shares resources to help your learners identify their feelings and ground themselves. These can be used in a “chill zone” in your classroom or home. Watch the video above to learn movement activities to help hone your learners’ alertness.


Mindful Senses

The Mindfulness Visual Support walks individual through a grounding technique using all of their senses. This helps reconnect them to the present moment to help them regulate and cope in times of stress! The interactive support helps individuals reconnect with the present surroundings in times when they may be anxious, overwhelmed, or otherwise dysregulated.

Download the Mindfulness Visual Support here.


Emotion Identification Meter

A Feelings Board can be used to help the individual express how they are feeling or identify their emotion during different situations.

Download the Emotion Identification Meter here.


First Next Then Templates

A First-Next-Then Schedule can be used to facilitate up to 3 transitions. This support can also be used to break down a complex task into steps.

Download the First-Next-Then Schedule here.


More Resources

Check out our resources for Educators and Related Service Providers here.

Check out our resources for Family Members here.

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