Lunch + Learn: Priming and Expectations

LASARD launched a free webinar series this month called “Lunch + Learn.” Our expert LASARD Facilitators will discuss topics like social skills, visual supports, self-regulation tips, communication strategies, and more! These webinars are for educators, families, and anyone else interested.
Lunch + Learns happen on the second Friday of each month from 12:00-12:30pm.

What are we doing? The importance of priming and expectations.

On August 12, LASARD Facilitator Joseph Tate, M.Ed. explores the many ways you can prime students for changes or challenges. He also demonstrates how to set expectations for students so they understand how to respond in a given situation.


Resource Deep-Dive: Visual Expectations

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Class-wide Expectations

Many students are visual learners who need visuals that they can reference often to keep track of what is going to happen and what they need to do. This resource shows the students exactly what the activity will look and sound like. It’s great to use with Center Expectations for younger grade levels! Download the resource here.

Visual Tool showing how students what to expect for the Dramatic Play activity.


Individual Expectations

Some students may need more individualized classroom expectations based on their behavioral needs. The goal is to help the student understand the expectation and learn to take responsibility for his or her actions. This visual support shows how to request a break! Download the resource here.

5 step intructions for a child who needs a classroombreak.


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