Lunch + Learn: Visual Schedules

LASARD launched a free webinar series called “Lunch + Learn.” Our expert LASARD Facilitators will discuss topics like social skills, visual supports, self-regulation tips, communication strategies, and more! These webinars are for educators, families, and anyone else interested.
Lunch + Learns happen on the second Friday of each month from 12:00-12:30pm. Register for the Visual Cues Lunch + Learn on October 14th here:

Visual Schedules

We love Visual Schedules because they provide predictability and structure, facilitate transitions, and create independence! Visual schedules are not only great in the classroom, but they’re super useful at home too! These schedules help improve predictability for transitions, assist with routines, and build independence.

Resource Deep Dive

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Change Alert Card

A Change Alert Card is a visual that can be used to reflect any changes in the daily schedule or individual routine. This is a priming strategy that will help the individual learn how to be flexible and accept change. Download the resource here.


To Do -> All Done template

This is an individual schedule that can be used at home or in the classroom. This helps the individual to see what they’ve accomplished and what they have left to do. It increases independecne when taught and practiced consistently. Download the resource here.

5 step list with velcrod images children can move to the finished column.


Register for the next Lunch + Learn!

This webinar’s topic is Visual Cues on October 14th. Hosted by Chris Champagne.

Many individuals with disabilities are best able to understand and remember content when it is presented visually. If they can see it, they can understand it.  Join us for this lunch and we will show you some simple visual cues that you can make and utilize with your learner in a variety of settings.



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