Summer Supports at Home

Throughout June, we will share some of LASARD’s favorite supports to use at home during summer break! Stay tuned as we update this page with new resources each week.

At-Home Resource #3: Visual Cue

Visual Cue showing what the warning flags mean a beach.

Visual Cues highlight or point out important information. They are used to promote understanding and comprehension with difficult concepts or complex words, such as moderate, current, hazard, or caution.

Going to the beach soon? Download this LASARD visual cue to help your child understand the universal beach flag warning system. This resource incorporates a visual to show what each flag color means and what activities your child can do to stay safe at the beach. In order for this support to be effective with your child, priming must occur ahead of time. Check out this video of our LASARD facilitator, Melinda Luna, priming her son about the beach flag warning system during their recent trip to Florida.

Download the Visual Cue: Beach Flag Warning System resource here.

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At-Home Resource #2: Task Analysis

This resource is a Task Analysis showing a child how to take out the trash. A task analysis breaks down a complex skill into a series of steps. Sometimes our children with disabilities struggle with multi-step directions, so a visual task analysis helps the child learn the skill and be more independent! You can use a task analysis for any chore you may need your child to learn!

Download the Task Analysis: Taking Out Trash resource here.

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At-Home Resource #1: Weekly Schedule

Weekly schedule on frideg that shows Friday's activities: an image of teo people and a gym.

Weekly Schedule shows the individual a visual representation of what their schedule will look like for the week. This will allow the individual to anticipate events ahead of time and plan for any changes noted in their schedule. Make sure to note any major schedule changes that would interrupt the individual’s routine.

Download the Weekly Schedule resource here.

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