Summer Transition Tips

As we move into the summer months, it’s important to support children as they transition into new schedules. LASARD facilitators are here to support YOU in this transition, too! Check out our checklist of transition tips as you prepare for the summer.

Download the checklist here: Summer Transition Checklist

Transition Tips for Parents

See LASARD Facilitator Chris Champagne explain the importance on priming your children for the summer months in the video below.

Chris recommends using Social Narratives and Calendars to prepare your children for new schedules and environments. Here are some examples:

Blank Calendar

A May calednar that has images of school, home, or the beach on each day.

This is an example of a Blank Calendar you can use to show your children where they can expect to be each day. You will see that weekdays depict an image of school until May 16th, which explains “Last day of school!” Then the days are filled with images of home until the beach vacation pictured from May 29 to 31.


Social Narrative

An example of a social narrative.

This is an example of a Social Narrative. It contains simple sentences explaining what will happen as the school year ends with related images.


Transition Tips for Teachers

LASARD Director Julie Riley, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA demonstrates how to prepare your students with new summer environments as well as new classrooms for the next year!

At 5:08 of Julie’s video, she discusses some transition forms that can help you students. Below is an example of a comprehensive annual transition plan.  Not all sections will be relevant to all students, but this may serve as a model for your school or district to consider when developing annual transitions plans for your students.

View and download the Individualized Transition Plan here: Individualized Transition Plan Blank

Download the Individualized Transition Plan as a Word document: Individualized Transition Plan Blank

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