Teacher Leader Summit 2022

We are so exited to present at the 2022 Teacher Leader Summit! LASARD facilitators will present the following sessions.

Wednesday, June 1st – 12:30-1:30 PM

“Building a Communicative Environment” with Melinda Luna and Lisa Davison

Three young students wearing backpacks and laughing.

Our session prepares educators to teach the communication skills students with disabilities need to be successful in the general education classroom. All students, regardless of age, should be provided an accessible and socially acceptable form of communication. It is important to understand that when a student does not have all of the tools and skills to communicate effectively, they will express their needs and wants through their behavior, which impacts their ability to participate in the classroom and have meaningful interactions with their peers.

This training is designed to be very interactive! First, participants will practice language modeling strategies during a role play scenario. Next, participants will create a communication board that can be incorporated into a center activity. Then, participants will prepare an action plan to outline next steps to support student communication in their classroom. Join us to learn how visual support strategies can be incorporated in the classroom to support communication and how these strategies align to the CLASS evaluation tool.



Wednesday, June 1st – 3:15-4:15 PM

“Stuck is a State-of-Mind: Strategies to Address Executive Functioning Struggles in Secondary Students” with Ali Kowitz and Chris Champagne

Frustrated middle school student with head face-down on desk.“Stuck is a State-of-Mind” focuses on gaining an understanding of executive functioning skills and how executive functioning impacts secondary students both academically and socially.  While there are many domains of executive functioning, this session digs deep into three: working memory, task initiation and completion, and organization. These three areas are important for secondary students to have successful outcomes at school.

We will be presenting support strategies which are used to help students “in-the-moment” as they’re working in your classroom, and teaching strategies that are explicitly taught to students to promote independence and autonomy. Join us to learn how to help your students get unstuck.


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