Thanksgiving Resources

With Thanksgiving break next week, how prepared are your students for that schedule change? Priming is an essential support strategy that everyone benefits from and can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule. Here are our favorite resources to prep for schedule changes.


Thanksgiving Schedule

An individual schedule shows the sequence of tasks or activities for the day or the sequence of tasks or activities for a learner.

To help your child get ready for Turkey Day with family and friends, consider using an individual schedule to provide an overview of the activities they should expect throughout the day. Having this structure in place may help increase their ability to cope with change and have a great day!

Download LASARD’s Thanksgiving schedule here.

Monthly Calendar

You can help prepare students now with a monthly calendar showing them when they’re expected at school and when school is closed for Thanksgiving.

Download LASARD’s blank monthly calendar here.

Change Alert

Once a child is home for Thanksgiving break, you may see different behaviors because of the schedule change. You can help prevent this by using LASARD’s Change Alert card. You can prime your child about the transportation change in the morning, how mealtimes are going to look different, or the activities to expect throughout the day. For example – Instead of homework, I will go outside to play!

Download LASARD’s Change Alert Card here.

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