LASARD came into our lives during Kerry’s 3rd grade year by helping his teachers, paraeducators, and me understand the importance of proactive strategies. Visual schedules and peer supports helped to keep him motivated and on track. Having trained peer supports work with Kerry also strengthened his social skills. Kerry is now in high school and continues to use visual aids, peer supports, and inclusion time. He is a cadet in the ROTC program, where he receives constant support and encouragement from his peers. Our son has taught us far more than we can ever teach him and working with LASARD helped us realize that. Perseverance, patience, and understanding were the keys to Kerry’s success. Thank you, incredible people of LASARD!

Misty Schaubhut
Kerry’s mother
St. Charles Parish Schools

I would highly recommend LASARD to any organization whether they are experiencing challenges or just need professional development. I had absolutely the best experience possible working with [our LASARD facilitator]. She was excellent by supporting our district’s needs and keeping an open line of communication. We are so blessed to have her training our regular education and special education teachers. Thanks for providing the amazing support.

Dr. Mary Riley
Director of Special Education
Bienville Parish Schools

Not only has LASARD been a wealth of information and resources, but it has also assisted our parish in developing, organizing, and executing a plan to support all team members working with [students with disabilities]. LASARD has played an integral role in initial evaluation of classrooms, presentation of information about effective classroom strategies to classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, and administrators, and generalization of strategies in the classroom. LASARD continues to help our parish move forward to better serve our children with ASD and related disabilities.

Suzanne Kershaw
East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

LASARD has been invaluable to our district this year! Their experience and guidance has provided us with an organized process to make positive, evidence based practices a part of all of our classrooms. [Our facilitator] has helped keep us accountable, on track, and with realistic, achievable goals to improve the education of our students with disabilities.

Karen M. Nelson, MA, L-SLP
District Team Member
East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

LASARD training/coaching sessions gave me a toolbox of strategies to use for different situations/needs for our teachers and students that we serve in Ascension Parish. It’s the greatest professional development process that I have ever done in my 28 years teaching.

Dana Smith
Early Childhood Instructional Coordinator
Ascension Parish Schools

The “buy in” from teachers has been evident when I go in to do a follow-up session with teachers and over 90% of them are utilizing one of the resources provided by LASARD or implementing a specific strategy that was presented in the LASARD trainings.

Michelle Carona
Early Childhood Instructional Coordinator
Ascension Parish Schools

As a new teacher coach, I am able to follow up with teachers on their classroom feedback and guide them into putting the new supports into good teaching practices.

Dana Porto
Teacher Coach
Ascension Parish Schools

I think the LASARD virtual trainings were the most beneficial because the facilitator covered several different behaviors of children in our classrooms explaining the reason for their specific behavior along with a variety of supports to provide for them. The trainings I’ve received from LASARD have saved me time researching for ways to meet my students’ needs. It has helped me understand their needs better and how I can more effectively support them.

Courtney Edwards
Pre-K Teacher
Ascension Parish