Lesson 5 – Stop and Think

Now it’s your turn to determine if the skill in the scenario is a skill deficit or performance deficit.
Watch this video and/or read the scenario below.

Seth’s day will typically consist of adults doing everything for him at school, including full physical prompts when undressing and dressing when using the bathroom. His teacher and paraeducator have been working with him to become more independent by completing all of the steps involved in the bathroom with minimal prompting. Every time they try to fade the full physical prompt of pulling his pants down, his behavior will escalate and he will start engaging in tantrum behaviors (hitting, screaming, and scratching) on the bathroom floor. His teacher does not have any visual supports or a reinforcement system in place.

His parents reported that he undresses himself independently at home before taking a bath. He gets in the bath easily and enjoys playing with his toys. He rarely engages in tantrum behaviors at this time.